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welcome back to clarkstar culinary today,we're making a,seven-layer salad start by crisping 12,ounces of bacon,i'm just going to cut the bacon into,small pieces and fry it in the skillet,once done put the bacon on a paper towel,to cool and drain off the excess oil,let's prepare the dressing in a mixing,bowl add 1 cup of mayonnaise,one cup of sour cream,half a cup of shredded parmesan cheese,two tablespoons of raw apple cider,vinegar,2 tablespoons of sugar,and mix well,now let's put the salad together first,get,one head of lettuce remove the core and,cut it into bite-size pieces,and add it to a clear salad bowl,dice two medium red onions and add to,the salad bowl,chop one cauliflower in small pieces,add 12 ounces of frozen peas that have,been thawed,add and spread out the dressing,add two cups of finely shredded cheese,sprinkle on the bacon,and that is your seven layer salad a,classic family favorite,thank you for watching clarkstar,culinary please be sure to like this,video,subscribe if you haven't already and hit,the notification icon so that you can be,notified,of our next video upload until next time,bye bye

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Seven Layer Salad with the BEST Dressing Ever 🥗 The Ultimate Potluck Recipe!

Seven Layer Salad with the BEST Dressing Ever 🥗 The Ultimate Potluck Recipe!

I'm Kelly Anthony this is the Anthony,kitchen and today we are giving a retro,salad one heck of a comeback,this is seven-layer salad and it is a,layer upon layer upon layer of savory,delicious goodness,y'all this salad is so cool and,refreshing it is like the ultimate,barbecue potluck salad it's perfect for,any get-together where there's lots of,people and warm weather involved the,bottom four layers of the salad will,consist of cool crisp iceberg lettuce,sweet peas frozen not canned a layer of,chopped hard-boiled egg and a layer of,grape tomatoes now if you're not a fan,of tomatoes you can swap that out for,chopped celery or green beans or any,vegetation,along those lines then we'll get into,the top half of the salad which is my,favorite we've got some crispy pan-fried,bacon some shredded cheddar cheese and,we're gonna whip up a dressing to go,right on top so now we're gonna get into,it and talk about how to make that,dressing this is a mayonnaise-based,dressing it actually reminds me a lot of,the way that my grandmother used to,serve me salad she would just chop up,some iceberg lettuce dice up some,tomatoes plop a little mayonnaise on top,stir it up hit it with salt and pepper,boom you're done I never knew that she,was dressing my salad with mayonnaise,until I got a little bit older and,started paying more attention to what,was going on in the kitchen but hey it's,delicious and it totally works so we,begin with mayonnaise we've got just,over a cup of mayonnaise in here and to,that we're gonna add some sour cream so,the sour cream is in we're gonna add,some vinegar now we're gonna add some,grated Parmesan cheese right into the,dressing that was about a third of a cup,okay and to that just a generous pinch,of salt we don't have to add too much,because that parmesan is already good,and salty so this is going to be a good,savory dressing with a little bit of,Tang and a nice bite thanks to that,vinegar just stir this really good and,once it's all mixed up we'll set it,aside pop it in the fridge and let those,flavors marinate a little bit while we,make the rest of the salad for a,seven-layer salad a clear serving dish,is an absolute must,you have to be able to show all of those,colorful gorgeous layers off and you,can't do that unless you're working with,glass however you do have some options I,like using more of a shallow glass bowl,or you could also use a 9 by 13 inch,casserole dish to do your layers you,could do a trifle dish but I found that,when I serve seven-layer salad out of a,trifle dish although it is totally a,show-stopping gorgeous display it can be,a little hard to get down to the bottom,layer of the lettuce and it makes it a,little bit difficult to mix so a shallow,glass bowl is great or a casserole dish,or if you're in it for the show go for,the trifle dish whatever floats your,boat so going into the dish first is,going to be the iceberg lettuce now I,have chopped this lettuce so that it is,bite-sized and people are not going to,struggle to get it into their mouth you,must make food that you're serving to a,crowd easy to eat so just chop that,iceberg lettuce into bite-sized pieces,wash it and dry it really really good it,is very important when it comes to a,make-ahead salad that all of the layers,are dried so we do not want to have any,water retained on the leaves of the,lettuce or it's going to get soggy and,if there is a pet peeve that is bigger,in my heart it is soggy bread but soggy,lettuce is right there number 2 you want,to fill about half of the bowl full of,lettuce once that's done we can move on,to the next layer now on to the grape,tomatoes so here is a tip I typically,like to split my great tomatoes in half,however if you're going to do that for,this salad you need to squeeze out the,seeds because again we're trying to,avoid moisture all together I've really,found that as far as serving goes it's,really better to leave the great,Tomatoes whole so that's what I'm gonna,do today and here is a little tip you,want to start along the edge of the bowl,this is because if you don't have enough,tomatoes to go all the way into the,center then you can fill that in with,lettuce,but we want to show off those layers so,we're gonna add to the edges first okay,now that I have the whole perimeter of,the bowl lined I'll just dump these,tomatoes in the middle and we'll move on,to the next layer next step hard-boiled,eggs as far as hard-boiled eggs go I,feel like you either love them or you,hate them so feel free to leave this out,if you are not a fan okay so to begin I,am going to cut the egg in half and then,I'm going to cut it in two quarters here,and what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna take,the egg because remember this is a showy,salad and I'm just gonna line it along,the edges of the salad so just do this,until you maybe have used up three eggs,or so and then we can take the rest of,the eggs and just give them a good rough,chop okay looking good just add it,directly over the center here now for,the peas

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Seven Layer Salad For Two | Easy Summer Salad | Potluck Salad | John Eats Cheap

Seven Layer Salad For Two | Easy Summer Salad | Potluck Salad | John Eats Cheap

john eats cheap doing a favorite of mine,i first i think the first time i had,this was when i was in college at iowa,state and food service served it like,once every two weeks and i loved it and,i couldn't believe it because it has,peas and i don't like peas,but i like it in this because they're,cold,it's a seven layer salad,and we're gonna do ours with six,layer six ingredients so it's six,ingredients seven layer salad i used to,get this at the high beat galley too and,it was great i've never made it before,though i've seen it in every potluck,i've ever been to uh yeah well i had it,uh like a month ago we had a family,potluck get together so start off with,just iceberg lettuce and i'm just making,a small version this is like this is,like seven layers salad with six,ingredients for two,and i'm just gonna put a layer of,lettuce on the bottom i'm gonna save a,little lettuce for the top too,it'll just mix better,and i want i looked for spin blend i,wanted the way my grandma made it when i,was a kid with spin blend but i can't,find it anywhere so we're using,miracle whip or the fairway you know,whipped dressing,you can certainly use mayo but i this is,the one thing i i think i like,miracle whip,better,because just it's just got a little what,a little sweetness to it a little tang,yeah i like it i like miracle whip i'm,just gonna try and spread that out a,little bit,better coverage,and now it's called seven layer and like,i said i'm only doing six ingredients so,i don't know what one i'm missing i did,look online and some people did,like cauliflower or something some did,shredded carrots but,i i even i think at iowa state they,served it with little peanuts like red,skin peanuts in it,so i'm gonna go with the,red onion,it's a pretty salad oh it is very pretty,very colorful what should we do next mrs,cheap the bacon uh how about the chicken,the cheese,some finely shredded cause,i think this is because we want to look,how the layers look on the side oh yeah,we got to make it look good,and that's not usually your forte no,it's not,i just shredded this myself because,that's how i do it nowadays,so there's our cheese,um bacon bacon,this is leftover from breakfast and just,we just had like three pieces left so,that goes on it anyway,when we get it all put together we'll,let it chill,and the peas,frozen peas i don't know why i like,these well first of all they're frozen,so they're kind of like fresh,canned peas that's what you know they,try and feed you at school that's why i,didn't like them,because canned peas are nothing like,fresh or frozen,so yeah i'm gonna get my veggies today,i did let those thaw out too,i would uh i think you want to put some,miracle whip on the miracle with there,and the lettuce on top i think so don't,you think yeah well i hope so because,we're doing it,well tell us how you do it what are your,layers you know if people yeah if what,that missing ingredient is that maybe we,should have had,but i can only find six that i really,like,so there we go seven layer salad with,six ingredients or layers with johnny's,cheap do we mix it up or you just,dive in and it mixes up itself,i think that's the way you do it,and then you like mix it up in the bowl,sure,oh it looks like i want it to look i'll,tell you that,and this was for two,or three we'll see,i haven't,well i have had this recently hit,potluck but,one of my favorites and as i said i've,never made it,how'd i do,that's it,i nailed it,make it 13 layers add whatever you want,oh man,i can't believe i like the miracle whip,usually not a fan but it works for this,thanks for watching johnny's cheap we're,ready to eat,follow us on tick tock too,instagram twitter facebook,thank,like share thank you sure like comment,leave us comment,thanks for watching johnny's youtube

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7 Layer Salad- Seven Layer Salad-Tasty-So Good!

7 Layer Salad- Seven Layer Salad-Tasty-So Good!

so we want to start by prepping our,veggies and so i have,cucumber here now it's a couple of ways,that you can do cucumber the first thing,that i want to say,is for this seven layer salad you don't,necessarily have to use the ingredients,that i use,these are just things that i like you,can totally have some fun with this i,say that in all my videos have some fun,with this cooking and so if you don't,like tomatoes but maybe you like,radish or you know you don't like red,onions you like white onions you don't,like cucumber you like,raw zucchini have some fun but these are,just the ingredients that i like,you if you decide to use a cucumber you,can peel the,cucumber or you can leave it um you know,unpeeled i'm going to keep it on peel,because i like,the way the the color the green color,looks,in the bowl once i layer it and you can,cut it however you choose to cut it,cut it so for example if you decided to,slice it,slice and dice you can do,you know something like this if you like,or you,can just slice it and put that on,but i think what i'm going to do is i,probably well,what i'm going to do is i'm going to,dice it i'm gonna keep a few,slices just to go on the outer rim of,the bowl,for presentation and,i'm gonna do that,and like i said these will go and you'll,see how i place it around the,rim of the bowl now that's my plan right,now,to do that we'll see okay so i've,cut the slices pretty thin so that i,still have enough,cucumber for one of my seven layers,i'm using one cucumber but if you're a,huge cucumber fan,you can get a couple cucumbers you can,do,several cucumbers if you like it's also,going to depend on the size of,the veggies that you have how much,you're going to need obviously if you,have,a smaller cucumber then you may need to,get two or three of them,i've seen depending on the time of the,year i've seen some,super large cucumbers and so in that,case,you may only need one so we're just,going to go ahead and cut these up,dice them i do have a,dicer slicer but it's something,that i enjoy it's just preparing,meals and so i don't mind spending a,little extra time,putting some love into it by cutting,each everything up myself,and if you want to save on time,i neglected to do this but so we have,our bacon,that we're going to be putting in and,you can use pork bacon or you can use,turkey bacon um you can go ahead and,stick this in your oven or your,microwave or your skillet however you,prefer to cook it turkey bacon is,sometimes a little harder to dry out,because what we're going to do with this,bacon is,we're going to make bacon pieces you can,save time by just going to your local,grocery,and buying baking baking pieces and so,you can omit the step of having to cook,this they didn't have any um,turkey bacon pieces and so that's why i,got,um the turkey that i'm gonna um bake,but you can what i was gonna say is you,can have that cooking,while you're cutting up your veggies if,you know is,if time is of the essence for you,and how how small or how,large you decide to cut it that's all,matter of per that's all a matter of,personal preference,so cut it you know however,large or however small that you choose,to okay,so the next thing that i'm going to do,you can put broccoli,in it you can put fresh cauliflower in,it this cauliflower has already,been washed and you can so there's a,couple ways you can do this you can buy,cauliflower already diced up in your,local grocery store,they didn't have any today today's,thanksgiving and so a lot of uh,items they just didn't have so um i'm,going to take this and i'm going to use,my grater to,cut it up,but if you if your grocery store has the,ones that are already,diced up you can use that,so what i'm going to do is take a look,at this and see if i'm okay with the,size and the consistency,and i am this is really more of like a,if you were doing maybe a,keto uh cauliflower and it it tends to,make it look like rice a little bit,so i'm gonna take a look at that and,versus me just cutting it up and figure,out which one i like so as i start to,cut it up more,i don't want to rice it at like i did,right here,i'm just gonna chop it up,i hope everybody's having a wonderful,thanksgiving,we are i can't believe it's almost,almost,it'll be christmas before we know it,tomorrow's black friday so,comment down below if you're going to,get out there in that mess and do some,black friday shopping,i'm really bummed about it this year,because i always get out there probably,for about the last 10 to 15 years,i have spent time on black friday doing,shopping,gosh i would get up get to the stores,about,4 00 p.m on thanksgiving,and i would shop until about six o'clock,the following morning so it was,certainly a marathon for me but i,enjoyed it but,obviously this year things are super,different and so,i have opted not to do that this year,i do i have taken advantage of a few,deals online,but i'm not going to be out there,who's going out anybody going out this,year comment down below,what's the hot

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Make Ahead Layered Salad ~ Perfect for Parties & Potlucks!

Make Ahead Layered Salad ~ Perfect for Parties & Potlucks!

this isn't just any ordinary salad this,salad is one that memories are built on,and i kid you not it's my favorite,layered salad that my mom used to make,all throughout my childhood for special,occasions the best news is you make it,ahead of time welcome to the salted,pepper where we cook for real life using,real food and we keep it real simple,today we're going to make a simple salad,with very basic ingredients and in fact,you can change up any of the ingredients,to use what you like but the great thing,about this salad is you can make it up,about two days in advance so it is,perfect for a potluck party for any type,of entertaining even a dinner where you,want to have a portion of it done ahead,of time,this is your go-to salad and it is,amazing so first let's get the dressing,mixed up this is a dressing that my mom,used to make all the time it's very very,simple and it does use a packet of ranch,seasoning so if you don't want to use,the packet of ranch you can make up your,own ranch seasoning okay just look up a,recipe online and mix up some different,spices and you can get your own blend,but because i'm kind of paying tribute,to my mom here today i'm gonna stick,with her method which is using the,package of hidden valley ranch dressing,all right so what i have in this bowl,right now is one and a half cups of mayo,i'm using helmets you can use any good,quality mayo i don't recommend using,miracle whip for this it just will throw,the flavor off,and then i have three quarters of a cup,of sour cream so i'm gonna put that in,here right now,we're gonna,throw in the packet of ranch which you,know if guys if you follow me a lot you,know i don't use a lot of packets but,when i'm making my mom's recipes i like,to stay,very true to how she does it and that's,what she uses,and one and a half tablespoons of sugar,now this is optional you could leave it,out you could also use swerve or sugar,substitute if you wanted but again this,is mom's recipe one and a half,tablespoons going in,and then i like to add a little extra,dill and i think mom always did too so,you can use between a half of a teaspoon,and a whole teaspoon or if you're not a,big fan of dill skip it it'll be fine,but i happen to like dill especially in,this recipe so i'm going to use a full,teaspoon in my dressing,and then we whisk it up,this also makes a great dip for veggies,so if you wanted to skip the layered,salad but have a vegetable tray whip,this dressing up oh my gosh it's so,amazing,all right that looks good,now i will set this to the side and,let's get to layering our salad,now like i said before you can use any,type of ingredients that you want but,you want to keep them on the dryer side,you don't want to really a lot of wet,ingredients like you don't want to put,pickles in with pickle juice and things,like that but i'll go over a couple of,variations that i've put in my salad and,have worked perfectly fine,now the bowl i'm using to layer my salad,in is a straight sided three quart bowl,that i bought off of amazon,however you can use any mixing bowl it,doesn't have to be straight sided so you,can use any type of mixing bowl just,remember when you do that your layers,aren't going to be completely even and,that's fine mine aren't even going to be,even when i do it in this bowl but it,will be perfectly fine i've made it that,way many times and it's absolutely,beautiful and delicious all right so the,first thing that i'm gonna put in is my,lettuce now i've done this several,different ways you do want your lettuce,whatever kind you use to be,finely chopped so think of this as like,a chopped salad if you've ever had that,ordered at a restaurant you know all the,ingredients are chopped up that is how,you want to do prep everything that you,put in it okay so it's going to be,finely chopped i've used a combination,of romaine and iceberg i've used,some iceberg and some other salad mixes,like butter lettuce and things like that,it's perfectly fine but you do want to,have some of the iceberg or some of the,romaine with whatever other kinds of,lettuce that you use because you want,this to be really crispy okay and so i,think iceberg is the best choice and,that's what i have here today i didn't,even mix it with romaine so i have one,small head which is about i would say,four to five cups the measurements,depend on the size of your bowl okay,so if you have a much smaller bowl,you're going to use half of a head okay,because you want to make sure you fit it,all in the bowl and i'm going to go,ahead and start layering this in,so put a layer of your lettuce on the,bottom and it is important that you,layer in order of the lettuce being on,the bottom the dressing being on the,very top,but other than that you can really play,around with it and layer it however you,want,so i may not use all of this lettuce i'm,looking here now where it's coming up,about,about an inch and a half and that's,about all i want really,so i used about three quarters of the,head of lettuce,and

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Seven Layer Salad Recipe

Seven Layer Salad Recipe

hi,everybody everybody i'm back,everybody genie young is back and i'm,back with yet another,amazing recipe i am so excited today,because today at the young's house gina,young is going to share with you all,how easy it is to make a delicious,seven layer salad this recipe is,so amazing it's really quick and simple,it doesn't require a lot of ingredients,and you know naked jeannie young salad,is going to be so,tasty y'all never had my seven layer,salad before,you better make you some here are the,lovely ingredients,you will need you will need some boiled,eggs so,i've boiled some eggs here and i've let,them cool down,they are sitting in cold water so,hopefully i can,peel them easily right here i have some,beautiful mixed greens,okay that's what i have here and then i,have some gorgeous,romaine lettuce that i have washed off,all right and now right here we have,some sugardale thick cut bacon,that i've browned up in the oven you,will need a nice beautiful,red onion you're going to need some,sugar,you will need some sour cream and right,here we're going to use some dukes,mayonnaise,and also you're going to need some,chopped cauliflower,now i purchased mine in the bag but feel,free,to use the head of cauliflower and cut,yours down into small pieces,you're going to also need some cherry,tomatoes,and some cheese here so you're going to,need some shredded parmesan cheese,and we also have some sharp cheddar make,sure,your hands are impeccably clean let's,get started with this really quick and,simple,yet so tasty recipe okay everyone so one,of the first things that we want to do,is start to prepare those veggies that,need to be cut,so we have washed our cherry tomatoes,and i want to cut them okay,so we're just going to cut them this way,pretty simple right,absolutely these are like the best,tomatoes ever they have the most sweet,taste,yes they do they really remind you of,the summer time,so you all had asked me about,making this recipe when i did the live,the other day,uh by the way i really enjoyed the live,um so i figured why not make the seven,layer salad that you all were asking,about,let me know in the comment section below,if you've ever tasted or made a seven,layer salad,there's nothing to it it's so simple and,this,sauce that we're gonna make to go on top,of this is absolutely amazing it has,like the best flavor,and it doesn't require a lot of,ingredients which is,for me absolutely so you see that i'm,cutting these tomatoes,just like so and i want to cut a nice,amount of them,okay i don't know about you all but here,at the young's house we love a nice,fresh,tomato the other vegetable that we're,gonna have to cut,is our red onions when i come back i'll,show you what we'll do next so now that,we have all of our,gorgeous tomatoes nice and sliced in,half now we're going to attack this,onion in hopes that i don't cry,me and onions we just don't get along i,hope i don't start crying,i did put the onion in the refrigerator,to kind of assist me in that manner,so hopefully it doesn't make me cry,we'll just see all right so i do have a,question for you all,so i'm gonna be getting a flu shot let,me know,are you guys gonna get a flu shot this,year and have you,gotten the flu shot this year i think,it's a really interesting,conversation you know because things,have changed around so much,um i'm really interested in knowing if,you all decided to get,a flu shot this year so i'm gonna cut,this red onion,kind of small you can slice it and dice,it however you would like,to have your onion okay so,we're going to tackle this and so far my,eyes are not watering and i'm very,happy all right so here's what we're,gonna do,pretty simple right this recipe is so,simple in your whole family you don't,have to worry about leftovers with this,because your whole family is going to go,nuts over this and this will go,very quickly so now that we have our,onions nice and chopped up,let's cut that right there uh oh,my eyes are watering guys it didn't work,when i come back i'll show you what,we'll do next okay everyone so there's,one other ingredient,i almost forgot to tell you all about,all right so,right here we have some frozen peas and,this is,two bags of frozen peas um what i did,was i,defrosted them in the microwave okay or,you can just set them in cold water,until they get a little thought out,okay so there we have uh frozen peas,that are thawed out here's what we're,going to do so,i purchased this here at walmart,you want to have a bowl that comes up,high on the sides,so you can see these gorgeous layers now,listen here,don't freak out about it if you don't,have one of these you can just use a,regular mixing bowl,a clear regular mixing bowl or you can,use,a casserole dish it would look beautiful,in a casserole dish,and you'll still be able to see those,layers okay,so now i'm going to take my washed,greens,this gorgeous romaine we'll put some of,that at the bottom,and we have the mixed greens that has,the spinach,and the radicchio going throu

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Classic Seven Layer Salad

Classic Seven Layer Salad

back by popular demand my friend ken,davis baker extraordinaire,is in the kitchen with me again today,and i'm going to try to show him,something for a change so we're going to,make a layered salad,i usually call this a low country,layered salad but,truthfully when i was a kid my mother,called it a john mark salad,because there was this really cute guy,in school and his mama always made it,and took it to potlucks,and that was how they teased me you know,back where i'm from everybody's name,two names anyway like tammy jo regina,lynn i'm debbie ray,were you a kenny kenny yeah so,you know some of it's the double name,thing anyway i digress we're making a,layered salad,and this is a really great recipe to,serve in the spring and the summer,a really nice side dish for any type of,potluck,and i always like it at easter time,today i would like to show you a,different way i mean this is a pretty,common recipe but we're going to dress,it up a little bit,by putting it in a trifle bowl and in,some wine glasses,to fancy it up because normally you just,put it in a,like a 9x13 pan and make the layers,so we're just going to do it a little,differently and i want to do it in these,as well so i've sliced,my eggs with my handy dandy slicer,that's,beat up and broken i need to get a new,one but these are great if you,are cutting up a bunch of eggs the,ingredients are simple,we have a combination of romaine,and green leaf lettuce and i've just,washed it and sliced it,this is about two pounds minus the,couple pieces that my husband stole,of cooked bacon i mean that's a lot of,bacon,for what it comes out to be some freshly,chopped,red onion boiled eggs that have been,sliced and frozen green peas that i've,just thought in the refrigerator,and then shredded sharp cheddar cheese,and for the dressing we're using,miracle whip i didn't know there was,such thing,as mayonnaise growing up i thought,miracle was mayonnaise,so this is what i grew up with and it's,sort of sweeter,and you can use mayonnaise i mean you've,had this before do you use mayonnaise i,grew up on miracles,okay good it's a good southern thing so,the tangy zip of miracle whip we're,going to use it as our dressing,so to put this salad together the first,thing i want to do,is put some eggs around the side,of the bowl just to make it pretty,you want to work on that and i'll work,on these in the glasses,and i'm going to do the same thing,excuse me ken,with these wine glasses you just want to,show the pretty side of the egg,i think with the wine glasses it takes,about one whole egg,to go all the way around,now this would be really nice for a,dinner party when you serve your,salad course just bring out a plate with,these layered salads,in the wine glasses oops i got,somebody's yolk there,all right so you good good,all right go around,you're faster than i am,i get the pretty one okay,and next we're going to put some,red onion here i'll let you do,you want to kind of get it yeah kind of,get it so it shows on the edges some so,that you can see the layers,you don't want too much red onion i tend,to,get kind of potent ones and this one's,sort of strong so when you,decide how many red onions you want just,kind of,do it by smell i guess,well i love onions so you can't have too,many for me okay that looks good,and then we're gonna do the same thing,with the peas,and i like a lot of peas,and you can actually use the rest of,these peas,on that give me one more pinch yep,kind of scatter them to the edges,you can see them,yep,because you want to see the layers,beautiful,and next i'm going to put a bunch of,bacon,so oops,put a bunch on here and,go ahead and use the rest of that on,that one,lovely,you can't have too much bacon on the,salad you can never have too much bacon,all right so i think we have so many,eggs let's put another layer of eggs on,the top of this,i'm going to put another layer of eggs,on here just lay them on top,and then we'll put the dressing on top,of that and it'll keep the bacon from,getting soggy,these are fun i got these whopper wine,glasses and,i mean these i think these hold about a,bottle of wine a piece,and they needed to be used for something,other than,alcohol one more,go ahead and use them up let's use them,up just because we got them,i like cooking with you,i like cooking i also like eating and,we'll see if i like cooking with you,i like eating with you too actually i,like it when you cook and i eat,all right so we're going to put some,miracle on top i'm just going to put,a couple dollops i'm using the spoon to,do it so that i don't make too much of a,mess,because when i did a test when i trashed,the sides of the,wine glass here you go give you a,spatula and just,put it put it on and spread it across,the top,that is pretty,and you want to put kind of a good bit,of miracle whip on there because it has,to be,enough for to be the dressing once you,dig in,like that,okay,see cake decorator look how pretty that,is,smooth you stick it over there and then,all we have

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How to make SEVEN LAYER SALAD {Recipe Video}

How to make SEVEN LAYER SALAD {Recipe Video}

who remembers going to a church potluck,or family reunion or a summer picnic and,eating seven-layer salad this loaded,salad recipe goes way back but today I'm,gonna show you how we make ours amazing,just a few little hints are gonna give,you a rich creamy flavorful dressing and,a beautiful presentation that your,family is going to love it's not only,delicious it's also really easy let me,show you how to make it the first step,is to make the dressing you want to make,the dressing first so that the flavors,can just sit together in the fridge and,meld together while you make the rest of,the salad so in this bowl I have 1 and,1/4 cups of mayonnaise now this is not,Miracle Whip,this is mayonnaise you can use Miracle,Whip if you like but it will change the,flavor and then I'll add 1/4 of a cup of,sour cream 1 tablespoon of sugar and,then 2/3 of a cup of Parmesan cheese now,here's our first hint,don't use the powdered Parmesan cheese,that comes in the shaker can you can,either buy shredded Parmesan in your,deli section of your favorite grocery,store or better yet buy a block of,parmesan and shred it yourself freshly,shredded Parmesan cheese is always the,best I'll just take a little spatula and,mix that together and then I'll place,this in the fridge while I make the rest,of the salad,now seven-layer salad traditionally,starts with a head of iceberg lettuce so,I'm going to start just cutting this up,into chunks if you'd like to use a,different type of lettuce you can use a,spring lettuce romaine and as you'll see,I'm gonna add in just a little bit of,spinach my family likes it with a little,bit of spinach inside the dark green,leaves of the spinach just add a little,bit of extra pop of color so just chop,that lettuce into bite-size pieces,really a small Z like your lettuce,pieces to be so I'm gonna add in a layer,of iceberg,and then just a few pieces of spinach,and then more iceberg a little bit more,spinach and then the remaining iceberg,lettuce now as you can see this fills,the bowl up about halfway the major part,of this salad is the lettuce and then,the rest of the layers will get piled on,top the next step is to slice up some,tomatoes I buy little cherry tomatoes or,grape tomatoes you can use Roma tomatoes,and cut them in slices I like to buy the,little grape tomatoes and just slice,them in half you'll need about two cups,of tomatoes so after you finish chopping,the tomatoes just scoop them up and,layer them on top of the lettuce make,sure that you put each layer on the,outer edge of the bowl so that you can,see the pretty colorful layers the next,layer is peas now use frozen peas,you want them to be mostly thawed they,can thaw the rest of the way in the,salad but don't use canned peas canned,peas don't have a very pretty color,first of all and then the texture is,just gonna be off you want the little,bit of a crunch that the frozen peas are,going to give to the salad again spread,those Peas to the outer edge so that you,can see them on the outside of the bowl,and see that pretty green layer the next,player is hard-boiled eggs I use six,hard-boiled eggs you'll just want to,take off that shell our favorite ways to,hard-boiled eggs to get the peels off,pretty easily is in the instant pot it,works almost perfectly every single time,get those shells out of the way so they,don't end up in a salad if you are,afraid you have little pieces of shell,on the egg you can also just rinse them,under water and it'll just get those,little bits of eggshell right off so,take a knife and just slice those eggs,it's okay if they don't look pretty,they're going to be right in the salad,and this is not the top layer so no one,will see them,I love adding hard-boiled eggs to the,salad because it just gives that extra,layer of protein in there it really,makes the palate a great lunch option,it's kind of a complete meal in one then,we'll take the egg slices and again,layer them on the top especially on the,outside of that bowl so you can see the,layers then once you get the outer ring,done you can just fill in that inner,layer and that layers done the next,layer is cheddar cheese you want about 2,cups of cheddar cheese but the amount,really depends on how much cheese you'd,like in your salad you just want to be,able to see a nice layer of cheese in,there now you can use pre shredded,cheese if you need a shortcut but we,highly highly recommend creating your,own cheese it just has better flavor it,has a smoother texture and it just kind,of takes your salad to the next level we,like to use a sharp cheddar cheese just,for flavor but you can use a Colby,cheese if you'd like or a mild cheddar,take that freshly shredded cheddar,cheese and sprinkle it on the salad,grab that homemade dressing from the,fridge and we'll dollop it on the top,this is a four quart Bowl which holds,the salad nicely if your bowl is a,little bit of a different shape you,might find you don't have enough,dressing or it might even seem like you,have too much you can alway

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